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Smoothwave Smart Homes

Well Hello...

Welcome to Smoothwave Smart Homes' website!
We use our website as a small snipped of our business, a bit like a reference for potential clients.

Who are we?

We are a specialist electrical contractor who primarily design and install smart home systems in new build properties, we also maintain existing smart homes.

Why choose us?

We set ourself apart from most contractors as we offer the full smart home package. You won't require any other company to deliver your smart home. We have a professionaly registered electrical engineer and professional certified network administrator in-house and we are trained in smart home installations.

Most smart home company's use third part electrical contractor's to install their products, we provide both services.

Our products

We supply & install the major brands of Smart Home devices, including but not limited to:

Our primary brand of Home Automation is Control4, with this system the whole home can be automated, integrated and controlled through one application or touchscreen, making it simple, and intuitive, just as it should be.

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Layered lighting creates an extra dimension to a room, let us design, install and automate your lighting

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Home network

When a network is designed and commissioned correctly you won't notice it, when it's not you'll have laggy Wifi and connection issues

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Multi-room audio gives your home a heartbeat. With the touch of a button you'll be immersed in high definition audio